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Our technical experts have developed solutions that can make your building warmer, dryer, quieter and safer to work and live in. Using plaster and cement boards, metal studs, accessories, compounds and plasters we create thousands of different systems to help you construct buildings that perform.

We test and provide solutions for different fire classes, sound insulation, sound absorption, special seismic performances, water resistance, mechanical impact and more. We also offer boards for internal and external application.

Take a look at our full range of products and solutions below or find out what’s available in your country by viewing your local Siniat website.

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The experts at our Technical Development Centre have created thousands of different systems in order to meet thousands of different performance needs. Now we want to help you choose the right systems for your project.

Using our range of products, we can create drywall systems for partitions, ceilings floors and external cladding. Our local technical teams will help you find the best system for the job.

Take a look at the products we compose our systems from:



We offer a wide range of technical plasterboards which are resistant to water and moisture, fire and mechanical impact, insulate and absorb sound or are perfect for curved design interiors.

All of our boards are developed, tested and manufactured in Europe. Thanks to our Research and Development laboratories and cooperation with universities in different countries, each board meets the high drylining technical standards and requirements in the countries that it’s sold.

Two of our innovative plasterboards are Weather Defence and LaDura. Weather Defence plasterboard has been developed for external application to protect buildings from fire and extreme moisture conditions. LaDura is an internal application board, which withstands extreme impact and is fire and moisture resistant, making it an excellent choice in areas of seismic activity.


Cement boards

Hydropanel, Duripanel and Bluclad are just a few of our external application products. Our cement boards have the unique capability to be used as external sheathing boards. Duripanel for instance, thanks to its high fire resistance performance, can be applied to wood skeleton buildings. Bluclad has extreme resistance to mechanical impact and Hydropanel can be applied in environments that suffer from high condensation and moisture. In combination with our internal application solutions, we’re able to construct your buildings from the inside out.


Compounds & plasters

We know you strive for the perfect finish. That’s why we offer high quality gypsum suitable for different applications. From preparing the base walls for plasterboard, leveling out large or small irregularities on surfaces or even casting different shapes and forms. Our experts prepare new recipes and conduct numerous tests in our laboratory to make sure our plasters meet the expectation of our customers in terms of durability and different application practices.


Metal framing

We offer a wide range of metal frames to help you build the perfect plasterboard or cement board system. Special metal solutions developed by our experts help obtain better acoustic or seismic performances. Different types of profiles and angles meet local standards and requirements. By working alongside installers we’re able to continually innovate our frames to improve performance and boost jobsite efficiency.

Metal studs

Fixings & other accessories

It wouldn’t be possible to create complete systems, without fixings and accessories. For our plasterboards systems, we have a wide range of screws and tapes, metal joints and anchoring rods. By extensive testing and trial and error we have developed connectors for walls with sound insulation properties, so that the sound will not be transmitted as with standard connectors. Perfect for use in hotels where privacy is crucial.

Depending where you’re based, we adjust our offering to meet the unique needs of your country. That's why in some markets we have introduced specially designed products like access panels, ceramic gypsum, adhesives and sealants.


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