USA Pavilion, Expo 2015

Milan, Italy
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Architect: Arch. J. Biber and GLA Architecture
  • Subcontractor: Vanoncini SpA
  • Finished: 1/5/2015

The USA Pavilion is characterised by a living green wall, conceived as an‘upturned  field’. The crops will exploit a hydroponic agriculture system, mounted on movable panels that can be easily rotated to follow the sun. The irrigation of crops is achieved by a system that collects and recycles rainwater, as an example of urban agriculture. To showcase environmental sustainability, super thin solar roof panels and photo-chrome glass has been installed. The USA Pavilion includes a recycled steel frame and composite wood floor, impressive video installations with interactive exhibition areas, a rooftop terrace, VIP space and retail area.

Installation phase

The drywall solution used, instead of double concrete boards, is a single metal frame in aluzinc steel and double boards: PregyVapor with vapour barrier and LaDura.

This solution ensures the structure can withstand a large influx of people in the exhibition area.

Using AquaBoard on the outside, it was possible to close the curtain wall, reducing installation times and the expansion of joints on the facade. The facade was completed with ’Stucco Aquaboard’, a special joint compound.


Local impact

Thanks to the use of advanced materials and solutions, the pavilion was built in full compliance with the design requirements and fundamental values of Expo: innovation and sustainability.