Taunus Therme

Bad Homburg, Germany
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Leisure
  • Client: Werner Wicker

Taunus Therme is an elaborate oasis of thermal pools, showers, warm-air, hot-air and steam baths, salt marshes in the light sea cave and a hot stone. This relaxing environment has been given a natural feel through its clever use of light, colour and form. What’s more the great starry sky, as well as the golden domed roofs help to convey an oriental feeling. Palms columns and ornamental tiles complete the picture. The impressive variety of shapes as well as the differences in temperature and humidity of the individual bathing areas, made high demands on the materials used and necessitated the expansion with special drywall solutions.

Installation phase

For the elaborate interior design of the Hammam Paradise only materials that could withstand the extreme temperature differences and moisture stress were chosen. In the new annex of the Taunus Therme the temperatures are between 30°C to 55°C with high relative humidity. Wall and ceiling cladding as well as a large number of moldings were carried out in dry construction. Siniat’s glass-fleece-coated special plate LaHydro made the perfect choice. Several 1,000 square meters of this robust plate was installed in Hammam Paradise.

The moldings for the dome’s elliptical and round ceiling panels as well as the many other shaping elements were prefabricated at the factory.

With the special LaHydro dipstick, application in wet areas is easy.

The dome has a diameter of 5.20m and was made from 33 moldings. Sixteen circular sections, each consisting of two segment parts, form the circle and a small circular ring closes the opening at the top. Due to the low shrinkage and swelling dimensions and the minimal deformation of the LaHydro, transitions on the impacts of the plates as well as the movement joints can be carried out with little clearance in very moisture-stressed installation situations. Surfaces therefore have a particularly flat appearance. Panel cut-outs in different shapes and openings for light outlets can also be implemented.


Local impact

In the Hammam Paradise of the Bad Homburg Spa, a wide array of design possibilities can be found, all of which can be realised by using Siniat’s high performance product range.