Republic of Korea Pavilion, Expo 2015

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Key facts & Challenges

The design of the Korea Pavilion took inspiration from a traditional Korean ceramic vessel that’s used for storing food. It’s one of the structures built by CMC di Ravenna (together with CMB), who also built the France Pavilion and the Pavilion of Thailand. Located between the Decumano, the Cascina Triulza, the garden and Brazil’s Pavilion, it has an undulating facade off the ground that surrounds the entire building. The structure was built with 490 tonnes of metal carpentry and drywall systems, which created the external walls and interior areas.

Installation phase

AquaBoard with direct render was chosen as an alternative to concrete slabs, due to its ease of use, ability to bend (up to 2 m) and because of its high moisture and water resistance, which is ideal for exterior ceilings.


Local impact