Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Education
  • Client: Pays de la Loire Region - Real Estate Patrimony Department - Le Mans Heritage Center
  • Architect: William Gohier - Rennes
  • Contractor: Ets Coignard (49)

We aim to provide benchmark accommodation for 310 pupils. Our areas of focus will include thermal regulation, disabled access, and high environmental quality. We will also facilitate good working conditions for personnel.

Installation phase

Educational buildings need to adapt and evolve according to learning and living requirements.

“We provided all the plasterwork, partitions, ceilings and linings for this four-storey 100m x 20m building. The nature of this build meant we paid particular attention to soundproofing and fire safety in the rooms, some of which also have individual bathrooms. Siniat partition systems are ideal on all levels for this purpose, including quality, price and pre-sales service.”

Eddy Coignard,manager of Coignard and Coignard Atlantic