Pavilion of Germany, Expo 2015

Milan, Italy
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Architect: Consorzio Arge, Schmidhuber, Monaco di Baviera
  • Contractor: Argentina Milla & Partner / Schmidhuber / Nussli srl
  • Subcontractor: Coiver Contract srl
  • Finished: 1/5/2015

Following the theme ‘Fields of Ideas’, the German Pavilion at Expo 2015 presents a new solution on how a power supply of the future could be generated. Using the motto ‘Be active!’ visitors are invited to participate. By using local varieties of wood, each with a different grain and colour, the German Pavilion has character. A landscape of fields and meadows turns into a wooden top walkway in a conscious use of raw materials, creating a balanced environment. The design of the façade also uses wood as a building material, via a horizontal lamellar structure.

Installation phase

The inside linings, with EI 60 fire performance, were built with single metal frame and double fire boards PregyFlam BA13. For the interior areas, where moisture was an issue, Pregydro boards were installed and PregyPlac BA13 A1 boards with A1 fire reaction were used for the escape routes.

The inside walls were built with EI 60 fire performance, double metal frame and PregyPlac BA13.

Both sides, sized to obtain adequate mechanical strength taking into account the horizontal overloads.

The use of drywall systems made it possible to carry out the works quickly, without invasive surgery and keeping the site clean.


Local impact

Thanks to the use of advanced materials and solutions, the German Pavilion was built in full compliance with the design requirements and fundamental values of Expo: innovation and sustainability.