Passivhaus Wohnsinn

Darmstadt, Germany
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Multi residential
  • Client: Bau- und Wohngenossenschaft Wohnsinn e.G., Darmstadt
  • Architect: Faktor 10 GmbH, Darmstadt
  • Contractor: Baumgarten Holzbau GmbH, Ebersburg/Weyhers
  • Finished: 6/29/2007

For this social housing project, Darmstädter Planungsbüro Faktor10 designed a reinforced concrete skeleton construction with a prefabricated wooden stand facade. More than 300 millimetres of high-performance insulation and cement-bonded plasterboard, Bluclad and Cedral facade panels from Eternit, offer the highest level of living comfort. The four-storey building provides open, light residential units with large balconies and terraces. The colourful facade was designed in close co-ordination with the tenants and, like the large children's playground, reflects the family atmosphere.

Installation phase

The processing and assembly of the fiber cement panels is simple. The blanks of the maximum 3,000 x 1,250 x 10 millimetre-size Bluclad panels can be cut easily by using commercially available carbide or diamond-coated tools. As with the residential project in Darmstadt, the boards can be clamped or screwed directly onto the wooden stands, but can also be used as a back-ventilated construction on wood trimming.

All joints, ceilings, roof and window connections have been fully sealed to make the airtight, soundproof and fire resistant.

"In order to satisfy investors and future residents with the desire for an affordable and sustainable building, we opted for a wooden stand element facade. Wood, a renewable, natural raw material, is characterised by a very low thermal conductivity and creates a pleasant living environment."

Petra Grenz, Architektinfaktor 10 GmbH, Darmstadt


Local impact

Large balconies and terraces, private gardens and a small park with a playground make an inviting living space. As well as ecological cellulosic insulation, Siniat’s cement-bonded plasterboard contributes to the healthy living climate in the building.