East Riding Leisure Bridlington

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Key facts & Challenges

Bridlington is a seaside town on the east coast of the UK. It's existing Leisure World is located on a prominent site close to the seafront and it had recently reached the end of its economic life. Currently under construction, the replacement facility will provide a high quality, sustainable and flexible building that will be easier to maintain and manage. The contractors on the project - BAM and Brebur - identified Weather Defence as its preferred external sheathing board for this project.

Installation phase

A seaside location is very challenging, as exposure to the elements - driven rain, sand and salt - places great demand on any project. The two biggest challenges were to make the building watertight before winter so the internal trades could begin work. Secondly, the landmark design included many curved shapes, which limited the type of sheathing material that could be used economically and efficiently.

Weather Defence at East Riding Leisure. Leisure case study.

Weather Defence, a superior external sheathing board.

Local impact