Mega Mall Cinema City 4Dx

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Key facts & Challenges

Cinema City is the largest multiplex cinema operator in Central and Eastern Europe. Each multiplex theatre has to meet rigorous standards. Siniat Romania was able to step up to the challenge and the results can be seen and felt.

Both appearance and performance were a priority. The main challenge in designing the 14 cinema rooms related to the geometric, functional architecture and acoustics. For this reason, the systems chosen to construct partitions between rooms, perimeter walls and ceilings were extremely important for the acoustic efficiency as well as the comfort of cinema-goers. Thankfully, Siniat provided all the specialist drywall innovative systems needed.

Installation phase

The challenge wasn’t easy. In three months, 14 cinemas had been built with plasterboard systems that reached up to 14 meters high. What’s more, even a wall of 14 meters had to be built at a thickness not exceeding 30 cm. Siniat solution: Profiled wall type SL300 AU 14m on UA profiles with a height of 14 m.