Brest, France
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Traffic infrastructure
  • Client: Semtram
  • Architect: Michel Villette - Halet Villette Architectes
  • Contractor: ALB29BREST (29)

The cable car, which is integrated with the existing public transport network, connects the two banks of the Penfeld River. It links directly to Les Capucins where homes, economic development, recreation and culture work side by side.


Using the latest technologies for perfect urban integration, this is one of the cheapest, most ecological and safe cable cars around. 

Installation phase

A three-minute ride, 72 meters above the Penfeld, giving unspoilt views of Brest.

“In addition to fitting out the offices and rooms in the basement, we installed high partitions to integrate the smoke evacuation ducts. For the exterior, we used durable Pregywab plates. Their high quality is indicative of Siniat’s technological advantage as a close and reactive partner from tender to realisation of the site.”

Olivier Morize,CEO of ALB29


Local impact

“We needed to create a harmonious architectural solution that could accommodate a futuristic, flying object into the heart of imposing machinery. A large, minimalist hub that mirrors the arches and the roof of the building showcases the cable car mechanics behind glass walls, and facilitates management of passenger flow and staff activity.”

Bernard Halet and Michel Villette,
Halet Villette Architects