Hospital AZ Alma

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Key facts & Challenges

AZ Alma is a regional hospital with 110 physicians, 1,250 employees, 125 volunteers and 513 beds. Initially divided across two campuses in Eeklo and Sijsele, a new building was needed to unite the campuses from 2017 onwards. For the interior finish, around 125,000 sqm of Hydropanel was used and the steel structure in the Atrium was given a refractory coating with Prégyfeu-A1.

Installation phase

For the finishing of the interior walls, Hydropanel fiber cement board was chosen. Both the desired strength and impact resistance could be achieved using the 12mm thick board, something that wouldn’t be possible with traditional gypsum boards, where you would have to use more than one board. Another advantage of using Hydropanel is that you don’t need to make any extra reinforcements for attaching objects, which helps cut installation times. Prégyfeu-A1 was chosen to make the steel structures in the Atrium fire proof. This easy to process board already provides a good fire resistance at 12.5 mm. The choice of high performance, time saving materials contributed to a smooth installation phase. The benefits of Hydropanel: 1. Very high impact resistance 2. Excellent fire-resistant performance 3. Increased acoustic performance 4. Resistant to extreme tractive force 5. Extremely moisture resistant 6. Mould resistant 7. Chemical resistance.


Local impact