Poitiers, France
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Client: CHU de Poitiers
  • Architect: Atelier d’Architecture Brenac & Gonzalez - Paris
  • Contractor: M3C (86)

A truly green, eco-responsible and bioclimatic construction that features geothermal properties, impeccable acoustics, energy efficiency and light sensors. There are no heaters, fans, or switches in the entire building.

Installation phase

A magnificent space, bringing together 304 people from 16 different areas.

“Siniat is our special partner. We couldn’t have started our adventure 30 years ago without its support. We worked closely on capping the offices and meeting rooms, and all internal partitioning. This was easily achieved with Siniat’s Pregymétal system D98 / 62 Xtra. When it came to acoustic reinforcements and other technical constraints, Siniat’s professional and reactive advice was also welcomed.”

Bertrand Le Bon,chief executive officer of M3C


Local impact

“We transcended the initial brief of simply consolidating administrative services and imagined a unique location. The Agora pioneers conscientious architecture and is a blend of ergonomics, nature and future-facing design. From the ground, a thermo-active slab transmits the ideal temperature to all levels in the building. From the sky, an air-filled ETFE cushion roof covers the entire space and automatically regulates against external conditions. The central, three-tier forum showcases the tree canopy outside, and is a place of encounter, exchange, celebration and life.”

Olivier Brenac, Emmanuel Person, Xavier Gonzalez and Jean-Pierre Lévêque,
Atelier d'Architecture Brenac & Gonzalez