Innovation through solutions

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At Siniat, we’re able to benefit from the findings learned in Etex’s research and development centres across the globe. Being part of Etex ensures that we can always provide our customers with the most innovative solutions.

What’s more, our own Technical Development Centre in Avignon, France, is the leading gypsum innovation centre in the world. Thanks to the research that’s carried out there, we’ve been able to develop innovative new products like LaDura and Weather Defence, both of which are unique in their category.

Our testing

Our leading laboratory environment combined with our skilled team of experts allows us to develop high quality solutions to meet different acoustic, mechanical, fire and water resistance needs.

We’re able to replicate multiple environments within our testing facility to test the efficacy of all our products and develop new innovations. Tests are carried out on both external wall and internal constructions, to check: air tightness, thermal resistance and hydrothermal behaviour (movement of heat, air and moisture) including the impact of solar radiation. Our high tech laboratory can simulate any climate, from tropical rainforests to harsh Siberian winters.

By working closely with different research institutions and legal entities, we’re able to provide you with safe solutions that meet with the legal construction requirements of all countries.

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